If you feel that your work in a Writing Program course (01:355 or 01:356) has been assessed incorrectly, please complete the form below. Keep in mind that only about one in five appeals leads to a change of grade. 



Your appeal must include ALL of your written and GRADED work from the semester (instructor comments must be included, where applicable.) The Grade Appeal Committee will NOT consider appeals from students who did not complete ALL major assignments before they received their grade. Please indicate the correct name or number on each written assignment (adding notes as necessary). All materials must be submitted online through the form below. 



In addition to submitting the papers, you must submit a reason for your appeal. Appeals that argue for a higher grade based upon the grading criteria have the best chance of success. Please review the grading criteria for your Writing Program course before writing your appeal.



You will only be contacted at your official Rutgers email. 



If you are appealing a failing grade in Expository Writing (355:101), Basic Composition (355:100), EAP I (356:155), or EAP II (356:156), you should register for the course for which you received the failing grade while you wait for the results of your appeal.

You will be notified by email shortly before the start of the semester following your appeal. Appeals are read by a committee comprised of senior Writing Program leadership. Appeals from students who received failing grades will be read by two committee members.

All other appeals will be read by one member of the committee.



The deadline for Spring 2023 grade appeals has passed. If you have a grade appeal for a Summer 2023 course, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..