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A conference where students present exceptional research projects completed in writing courses at Rutgers University.


The Undergraduate Research Writing Conference (URWC) is an annual event that showcases outstanding work completed by students across Rutgers University. Students who earned A's in any of the Writing Program's research writing courses are invited to submit their papers for consideration, and the process of selection is highly competitive. Selected students have the opportunity to present their work in a setting modeled on an academic conference, and the event provides an interdisciplinary platform for sharing ideas and networking in a professional environment.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018
10 AM - 5 PM
Livingston Campus Student Center

10:20-11:40 am
1:40-3 pm
3:20-4:40 pm

Awards luncheon 12-1:20 pm

Admission is Free

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For more information contact:
Lynda Dexheimer
TEL 848-445-5658


The 2087 URWC is sponsored by the Rutgers Writing Program, Rutgers University Libraries, the Rutgers Department of English, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and the Division of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.


Writing Program Main Office

Murray Hall Room 108

TEL (848) 932-7570