The Writing Program offers a variety of internship opportunities for credit. 


Editing and Conference Planning Internship

Interns will help organize and participate in the Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research Writing Conference that will be held at the Livingston Student Center. Students will also work as student editors for a volume of academic research papers written by students in English 201, Research and Writing in the Disciplines.

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The Writing Internship

The Writing Internship enables students to acquire practical experience in a variety of professional settings that draw on the skills in reading and writing that Business and Technical Writing and English courses develop.  It also enables students to test the practical range of some of the ideas presented in their coursework and to experience first-hand some of the career possibilities available to writers.  It may be used toward a Technical or Professional Writing Certificate or elective college credit toward graduation. 

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CESEP Internship

Students registered concurrently in most Business and Technical Writing courses (including 302, 303, and 425) may register for a Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnerships (CESEP) opportunity performing writing tasks in a non-profit organization.  This program is formerly known as CASE. 

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Tutoring Internships 


The Writing Centers

The Writing Centers offer six sections of Writing Theory and Tutoring, a 3-credit Internship combining experience tutoring in a writing center and classroom meetings for professional training, discussion and reflection. Undergraduates from all schools and majors who have an interest in reading, writing and helping others are encouraged to apply!  

Interns receive hands-on practice the art of tutoring writing. In weekly class meetings, interns receive practical training, read and discuss texts on writing and tutoring, and reflect on internship experiences under the guidance of a Rutgers Writing Program instructor. Interns will consider diverse perspectives, learn new strategies for reading and revising, and develop professionalism. 

As a part of the course, Interns tutor one unpaid 80-minute session per week, for ten weeks, scheduled according to their availability. Intern tutors may also choose to work additional paid sessions, 4-10 hours per week.

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