• Dave Howland
  • Dave Howland
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • At Rutgers Since: Fall, 2018
  • About:

    Dave has been writing and editing for most of his life: in academia, the news media, and politics. After teaching composition for a dozen years at the University of New Hampshire, Dave moved to New Jersey in summer 2018. A former reporter with The Associated Press in Boston, Dave has a doctorate in Environmental Studies from the University of New Hampshire. As a grad student, he TA'd wildlife ecology classes and developed an approach to understanding the evolution of messy policy debates by mapping arguments and trends in the popular press. He loves to cook, hike, play music, climb trees, and hang out with his German Shepherds.

  • Education:
    • Ph.D. Environmental Studies, The University of New Hampshire, 2006
    • MS Environmental Conservation, The University of New Hampshire, 2001
    • BA Political Science, Penn State University, 1991
  • Courses Taught:
    • Writing as a Naturalist, Writing 352
    • Science Writing, Writing 342
    • Writing for Biology and the Natural Sciences, Writing 312
    • Writing for Business & Professions, Writing 303
    • Scientific and Technical Writing, Writing 302
    • Technical Writing Essentials, Writing 202
    • Expository Writing, Writing 101
  • Awards:

    Outstanding Contributions to the Rutgers Writing Program for Pandemic Pedagogy, 2021