All first-year students are automatically registered in writing courses based on their placements. Transfer students receive placement results and registration information from their schools.

After the first semester, students can register by using the Online Registration System.  For more specific information about registration, please visit the Office of the Registrar or the registration page on the School of Arts and Sciences website.

Adding and Dropping Courses:

Students may change their schedules by using the Online Registration System.  If a course is required for graduation, the online system will not allow a student to drop that course without a special permission number.

Students who wish to change their sections for scheduling reasons can do so without obtaining special permission numbers.  In order to do so, they must first add the section they wish to take.  This will result in the undesired class being immediately dropped.

Special Permission Numbers:

The Writing Program does not give special permission numbers to over-enroll Writing Program courses.  Students trying to add a specific section should keep checking the University Schedule of Classes to see if the desired section opens.  It will not be helpful to contact instructors with requests to be added to their classes, as instructors cannot provide special permission numbers. Students trying to drop a class should contact an Academic Advising office.  The Writing Program cannot provide a student with a special permission number to drop a course without permission from the student's college.  Deans or advisors who grant requests to drop courses will contact the Writing Program directly to obtain the necessary special permission numbers.

Add/Drop Schedule:

The university allows students to add courses during the first eight calendar days of the semester, and to drop courses without being penalized with a "W" during the first seven days of the semester.  This time period is referred to as "add/drop."  As of the ninth class day of the term, no adds are permitted, and all drops done online will be assigned a "W" grade.  Visit the Office of the Registrar for more information. Please be advised that the Writing Program holds students responsible for all days missed.  It is not advisable for students to "shop" for classes they like during this period, as doing so will decrease their potential for success in the class.

Financial De-registration:

Students who are de-registered for financial reasons should continue to attend their classes and complete the assignments. When their financial aid comes through, they should come to the Writing Program office on their class’s campus to request a special permission number allowing them to re-enroll.  These numbers are only given out to students who have been faithfully attending class and completing the course work.


Students may not receive credit for a Writing Program course unless they have already passed the prerequisite course.  Students should make sure that they are registered for the appropriate class, and check with a dean or the Writing Program if they have questions about their placement.

Please visit our Placement section for more information.

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