The Writing Program now offers a minor in Business & Technical Writing to all interested undergraduates in the School of Arts and Sciences.

The primary goal of the Business & Technical Writing minor is to enhance students' writing proficiency in order to increase their eligibility for employment in business and technical professions that require advanced writing competency.  The minor provides students with writing training, research practice, computer knowledge, and an internship experience designed to give students professional writing experience.  Students must complete a minimum of 18-credits for the minor, and any one course cannot be used in more than one skill area.  Twelve out of the 18 required credits must be completed from Writing Program (01:355) courses.

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This minor requires six courses (for a minimum total of 18 credits) in four key skill areas.  Students must achieve a grade of "C" or above in each of these courses in order to qualify for the minor.

  1. Writing Training (6 credits)
    Since writing competence is at the heart of the minor, students must complete two writing courses intended to improve writing, editing, collaboration, and general communication skills. Electives may be chosen from among the following writing courses:

    01:351:209 Intro to Multimedia (3)
    01:351:312 Digital Literary Studies (3)
    01:355:202 Technical Writing Essentials (3)
    01:355:203 Business Writing Essentials (3)
    01:355:315 Grant Writing (3)
    01:355:342 Science Writing (3)
    01:355:352 Writing as a Naturalist (3)
    01:355:355 Writing in the Professions (3)
    01:355:365 Technical Editing (3)
    01:355:375 Collaborative Writing Practices (3)
    04:192:315 Professional Writing and Communication (3)
    04:192:380 Public Speaking (3)
    11:374:325 Environmental Communication (3)
    11:374:435 Advanced Communication in the Sciences (3)

  2. Research Practice (3 credits)
    In the information and technology economy, the ability to conduct research and use information to develop viable plans of action is essential to success and advancement. Students therefore must complete a research writing course in business or technical writing. These courses will also satisfy core writing requirements for most students (consult with your school's academic advising office for specific requirements in your program). Research writing courses include:

    01:355:302 Scientific and Technical Writing (3)
    01:355:303 Writing for Business and Professions (3)
    01:355:312 Writing for Biology (3)
    01:355:315 Grant Writing (3)
    01:355:322 Writing for Engineers (3)

  3. Digital Image Fundamentals (6 credits)
    Basic computer knowledge and the ability to learn new programs quickly are essential to success in business and technical writing environments. Students in our program will be introduced to general and advanced writing software in many classes and they will be required to pass an introductory course in computer science.

    a) The following courses will provide foundational skills and techniques for working with digital documents, visualization of information, and internet publication. These include:

    01:351:312 Digital Literary Studies (3)
    01:355:375 Collaborative Writing Practices (3)
    01:355:410 Composing Graphic Narratives (3)
    01:355:415 Information Design (3)
    01:355:425 Web Authoring (3)
    11:374:240 Visualizing Information: Storytelling with Data (3)

    b) Students will also need to pass one of the following introductory computer science courses:
    01:198:107 Computing for Math and the Sciences (3)
    01:198:110 Introduction to Computers and their Application (3)
    01:198:111 Introduction to Computer Science (4)
    01:198:170 Computer Applications for Business (3)
    04 189:103 Information Technology & Informatics (3)
    04:547:220 Retrieving and Evaluating Electronic Information (3)
    14:440:127 Introduction to Computers for Engineers (3)

  4. Internship Experience (3 credits)
    Hands-on training in work environments offers a valuable, practical component to the minor, providing students with useful experience while encouraging professional attitudes toward work. In our minor program, students must complete an independent Internship in one of the following options:

     01:355:395/396 Writing Program Internship (3)01:355:397/398 Business & Technical Writing Internship (3)

  5. In addition, a minimum of 12 out of the 18 required credits are to be selected from Writing Program (01:355) courses.

The Writing Program also offers Professional Writing and Technical Writing Certificates.  Please see Certificates for more information.

Please speak with your academic advising office regarding declaration of majors and minors.

Students graduating with the minor may want to consider pursuing a Master of Business and Science degree in the field of User Experience Design - UDX.

There is also a BS/MS (4+1) Program for Rutgers undergraduate students.

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