The primary goal of the certificate programs is to enhance the writing proficiency of business and science students in order to increase their eligibility for employment in professions that require advanced writing competency.  Any student working toward the Business & Technical Writing minor is eligible to receive either the Professional Writing Certificate or the Technical Writing Certificate upon completion of all required courses with a grade of "C" or above. 



These certificates are only available to students enrolled in the Business & Technical Writing minor at Rutgers University.

Professional Writing Certificate:

Any student may request this certificate upon completion of the minor. There is a significant need for college graduates who can research and communicate information at a high level of competence in business, industry, and government. The Professional Writing Certificate is designed to give students a firm grounding in the skills of oral, written, and electronic communication and prepare them to enter professions that require extensive writing skills.

Technical Writing Certificate:

This certificate is open to undergraduates with majors or minors in approved scientific or technical subject areas (such as biology, mathematics, engineering, or computer science).  The need for technical writers capable of communicating scientific or technically sophisticated information to various audiences is well established, and technical writing skills are in demand in a wide range of fields. This certificate program is designed to give students with a science or technical background a strong foundation in the skills of oral, written, and electronic communication.

For information on the Writing Program's Business & Technical Writing minor through the School of Arts and Sciences, please see Minor.

Students completing the certificate should fill out the Application for Professional and Technical Writing Certificates.  This form should be completed and submitted to Marie Freibergs via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person.  All information will be verified and the certificate will be processed within 3 business days.