According to academic writing expert Helen Sword, “ideally, all universities would provide their [graduate students] with access to, research-based writing courses on topics ranging from grammar and style to academic productivity, publication strategies, and emotional resilience.”This ideal model is exactly what the GWP provides. In a GWP class, you will work with award-winning full-time English Department faculty with expertise in the latest research on graduate-level academic writing. 

1 Helen Sword, Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write (Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2017, 75).

You will learn to write, read, and think like a professional scholar. Most importantly, you will learn how to structure your argument so that it clearly enters a scholarly conversation and speaks to its target audience. We will provide concrete techniques for achieving this goal, some of which will challenge ingrained assumptions about how writing works. You will also learn how to develop professional writing habits, including techniques for time management, goal setting, and resilience. Finally, you will get a new perspective on your own discipline by interacting with students from other programs in a warm and supportive atmosphere, which will benefit even the most advanced and proficient graduate writers.

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Graduate Writing (502), Writing for Publication (506), and Writing the Dissertation (508) are delivered as synchronous remote sections that mean online 8  times across the semester at the time listed on the Schedule of Classes. Graduate Communication Studio (610), Graduate Writing Studio (611), and Graduate Academic Success in the Disciplines (630) are delivered online in an asynchronous remote mode. 

On at least two occasions during the course, you will receive extensive written feedback on a piece of your writing, and your instructor will discuss this feedback with you during an individual meeting. These one-on-one dialogues with the instructor are frequently cited as one of the most valuable aspects of our classes. The specific nature of the feedback you receive will depend in part on what you request, where you are in your writing project, and the length of the piece that you submit. Even a single page of writing can provide the basis for a fruitful discussion. We have also been known to read and comment on very long submissions!

Matriculated Masters and PhD students of all levels are welcome in GWP courses. 

You will work on whatever it is you are writing for your graduate program. With the exception of small tasks such as finding a model publication from your field, we do not give our own assignments. Our classes begin in the second week of the semester and meet eight times across the semester, not including your individual meetings with your instructor. Many of our students report that they actually saved time by taking our class and developing more productive writing habits. 

Yes! While Graduate Communication Studio (610) and Graduate Writing Studio (611) are especially geared toward students interested in English support, speakers of English as an additional language are welcome in all GWP classes. We understand that for many Rutgers graduate students, confidence with writing in English represents a major concern. At the same time, our courses are founded on the premise that, regardless of linguistic background, we are all scholars working together to improve our facility with academic English, which is in some sense its own particular language. 

All GWP instructors are full-time faculty members in the Rutgers English Department’s nationally recognized Writing Program. They are award-winning scholars with PhDs and publications in major academic journals. They have doctorates and other advanced degrees in such diverse disciplines as English, Applied Linguistics, Anthropology, and Social Work. In addition to their expertise in the humanities and social science, they have robust experience with STEM writing. They also have a range of professional experience outside of the classroom, including in academic publishing.

Yes, we would be happy to make a brief presentation to your program, and we may also be able to provide a more extensive workshop on a particular topic of your choosing. Please contact Mark DiGiacomo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Most students can register themselves directly on WebReg during standard registration periods. We will continue to add students through the third week of the semester if space allows. For late or manual registration, contact Mark DiGiacomo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are not an editing service, but we do provide extensive sentence-level comments on your work if appropriate. It’s often the case that what students perceive as problems with style or grammar are actually problems with structure. Through one-on-one conversations with our faculty, you will develop the skills you need to independently revise and edit your writing across your career—and unlike copy editors, we’re free! 

No. Many of RU’s peer institutions support their graduate students’ writing through tutoring by fellow graduate students or even undergraduates, but the GWP offers more. Our classes provide the one-on-one attention associated with tutoring, but rather than peer tutoring you will work with an experienced faculty member. 

While the GWP does not currently offer any courses during the summer, we do provide assistance for student-led writing support groups during the summer. Writing experts agree that developing a social support network for your writing can improve productivity and satisfaction. Moreover, writing groups are more likely to be productive when they formalize their commitment through a written agreement. Registered writing groups will receive regular writing advice throughout the summer and will have the option to hold one consultation with a GWP faculty member.

Students receive a grade of “S” (Satisfactory) on their transcripts upon completing the class. 

Yes! No tuition or fees are associated with our classes for Rutgers graduate students. 

No, we offer only zero-credit classes. 

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