Do you need help with writing academic papers, finishing your dissertation, or getting your research published? Whatever your discipline or writing needs, the Graduate Writing Program has a free course for you.

GWP faculty have extensive experience in all elements of the academic writing process. Students receive individualized and discipline-specific feedback throughout the semester, while getting a chance to meet graduate students from other programs in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Classes meet eight times a semester, plus one-on-one conferences.

Classes begin during the second week of the semester. Seating is limited. Register early to reserve a spot in one of our upcoming courses!  For questions, please contact Mark DiGiacomo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note that 356:630 classes are program-specific. 

Information about the International Teaching Assistant Program's course sequence is available here

Graduate Writing (16:355:502)

This course will introduce you to the drafting and revision process necessary for successful graduate writing. You will work to develop professional writing habits and learn how to write effectively across several important scholarly genres: abstracts, literature reviews, seminar papers, and conference papers. DELIVERY MODE: SYNCHRONOUS REMOTE. 

Writing for Publication (16:355:506)

In this course, you will learn how to prepare a successful article for submission to a scholarly journal in your discipline. The class will cover everything from revising manuscripts to setting realistic deadlines to responding effectively to editorial and reviewer feedback. DELIVERY MODE: SYNCHRONOUS REMOTE. 

Writing the Dissertation (16:355:508)

Whether you are focused on starting your dissertation, preparing it for submission, or completing one chapter in particular, this course will help you achieve your dissertation writing goals. You will learn how to sharpen your argument and make timely progress toward the completion of your degree. DELIVERY MODE: SYNCHRONOUS REMOTE. 

Graduate Communication Studio (16:356:610)

This course will provide practice in communicative tasks such as structuring presentations for different audiences, leading and participating in discussions, handling question-and-answer sessions, and preparing for job interviews. DELIVERY MODE: ASYNCHRONOUS REMOTE. Note: Graduate Communication Studio will not be offered in Fall 2023. 

Graduate Writing Studio (16:356:611)

This course will facilitate conversations about writing goals and address topics such as time management, language awareness, scholarly writing for clarity and diverse audiences, and editing strategies. DELIVERY MODE: ASYNCHRONOUS REMOTE. 

Graduate Academic Success in the Disciplines (16:356:630)

This course provides customized instructional support for graduate academic communication and professional preparedness in a specific disciplinary area based on prior arrangement. DELIVERY MODE: ASYNCHRONOUS REMOTE.