Dear Colleagues,

We write to express solidarity with the struggle for racial justice gripping our nation. Rutgers University lauds its status as one of the most diverse universities in the country, yet as part of American society, we are also a reflection of American society. Neither Rutgers nor the Writing Program is immune to reproducing the same biases and injustices that have plagued our country for hundreds of years.

Many of us have been doing the work of dismantling structures of inequality for years, while others are new to the conversation and just beginning the work of interrogating biases and the actions they produce. As a committee, we decided that right now we can be most helpful in offering resources either to continue or begin your journey to help transform our community into a space that honors and values all of its members. As the slogan goes, “Jersey Roots, Global Reach.” If we do the work to overturn historic and systemic racism here at home, we can change the world.

We offer the resources below to help you learn about educational inequity, to join the work of campus groups fighting for justice, or to make contributions to programs that open opportunities to people with fewer resources than others. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but is a starting place.

Yours in solidarity,
The Writing Program Diversity and Equity Committee

Janet Ansine

Lynda Dexheimer

Jacqueline McDaniel

Joann Messina

Nela Navarro

Sara Perryman

Jennie Snow

Karen Thompson

Brendon Votipka

RAsheda Young