William Magrino
Director, Business & Technical Writing

Loree 006 Cook/Douglass Campus

By appointment

Co-author with Michael Goeller. Business and Professional Writing: From Problem to Proposal. Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2009-2018.

Co-author with Michael Goeller. Scientific and Technical Writing: From Problem to Proposal. Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2009-2018.

“’Is That Donald Trump’s Car?': On the Trail of the Original American Psycho,” In Trump Fiction, Stephen Hock, Editor. Lexington Books, forthcoming 2019.

“The Six P’s: The Importance of Real-World Significance in Professional Writing.” Guest Blog. Kendall Hunt Website, 2017.

"Valerie Solanas: SCUM Manifesto” In The Literary Encyclopedia, 2017.

Co-author with Peter Sorrell. “Professionalizing the Amateur: The Value of the Graduate
Assistant in the Professional Writing Classroom” Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education (3.1), 76-94, Center for Excellence in Education – Arkansas State University. 2014.

Co-author with Peter Sorrell. “Teaching the New Paradigm: Social Media Inside and Outside
the Classroom” Writing & Pedagogy (5.2), 357-373, Equinox Publishing. 2013.

“John Barclay: Argenis” In The Literary Encyclopedia, 2009.

“Judith Man: An Epitome of the History of Faire Argenis and Polyarchus” In The Literary
Encyclopedia, 2009.

“Sample Assignments and Assignment Sequences” In Teaching the New Humanities Reader,
Third Edition, Tisha Bender and Michael Goeller, Editors, Houghton Mifflin, 2008.

“American Voyeurism: Why Does Raymond Carver Want Us to Watch?” In New Paths to
Raymond Carver: Critical Essays on his Life, Fiction, and Poetry, Sandra Lee Kleppe and Robert Miltner, Editors. University of South Carolina Press, 2008.



Professional Writing & Rhetoric

Twentieth Century & Contemporary American Literature

Associate Director, Rutgers Writing Program

Collaborative Writing Practices

Exposition and Argument

Business Writing Essentials

Expository Writing

Science Writing

Scientific and Technical Writing

Writing for Business and Professions

Writing Internship

International Raymond Carver Society, Charter Member

Doctor of Philosophy, English December, 2012
Literature and Criticism Concentration
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Master of Arts, English June, 1996
Literature Concentration
The College of Staten Island, Staten Island, New York

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre May, 1993
Minor Concentration: Political Science
The State University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York