Michael Monescalchi
Teaching Instructor

"Phillis Wheatley, Samuel Hopkins, and the Rise of Disinterested Benevolence." Early American Literature 54.2 (2019)

"On Virtue: Phillis Wheatley with Jonathan Edwards." Common-place 15.3 (2017)

"Genre and Nationality in Nineteenth-Century British and American Poetry," in Teaching Transatlanticism: Resources for Teaching Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Print Culture (Edinburgh UP, 2015) with Meredith McGill, Scott Challener, Isaac Cowell, Bakary Diaby, Lauren Kimball, and Melissa Parrish.


Early American Literature and Religious History; Antebellum American Literature, especially Transcendentalism; Early African American Literature; American Women Writers

Michael Monescalchi received his Ph.D. from Rutgers' English Department in October 2019. Michael's dissertation, A Disinterested Republic: Reform and New Divinity Theology in Early America, offers an evangelical - as opposed to a typically civic republican - history of disinterestedness and uncovers the term's importance for reform writings in the period, especially in regards to slavery and urban poverty relief efforts. Portions of his dissertation have been published in Early American Literature and Common-place.

Michael is currently a Teaching Instructor in Rutgers' Writing Program and is also a Research Associate at the University of Pennsylvania's McNeil Center for Early American Studies, where he was previously the Barra Dissertation Fellow and Carpenter Fellow in Early American Religious Studies. In 2015, Michael received the Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education Award from Rutgers' School of Arts and Sciences.

English Department

English 327, "From Witches to Reformers: Early American Women Writers"

English 206, "Introduction to Literary Studies: True Crime and Early American Literature"

English 201, "Principles of Literary Study: Poetry"

Writing Program

English 395, "Tutoring Internship for the Plangere Writing Center"

English 201, "Research in the Disciplines" (topic: Religion and Politics)

English 103, "Exposition & Argument" (Honors College course)

English 101, "Expository Writing"

English 097, "Summer Institute Writing Practicum for the Educational Opportunity Fund Program"


Barra Dissertation Fellow and Carpenter Fellow in Early American Religious Studies, McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 2018-2019.

Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University, 2018-2019, declined.

School of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers University, 2016-2017.


Teaching Award

Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University, 2015.


Other Awards

Society of Early Americanists' Junior Scholar of the Month, September 2019.

Catherine Musello Cantalupo Essay Prize in Literature and Religion, Rutgers University, English Department, 2017.

Ph.D, Rutgers University, Literatures in English, October 2019

B.A., Univeristy at Albany, SUNY, English (with Honors), 2012