Mark Keitges
Teaching Instructor and Director of Intensive English @RELI
(848) 445-6675

Tillett Hall 107

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I am interested in learning about the experiences of multilingual English Language Learners with academic writing, classroom engagement, and academic and professional socialization in the American academy, as well as developing policy and curricular solutions to better support multilingual ELLs. My current interests are informed by my doctoral work in educational policy studies, which explored the philosophical aims of global higher education, the ethics of teaching and tutoring, aesthetic education as a mode of global learning, and the progressive educational philosophies of Immanuel Kant and John Dewey.

I am currently Director of Intensive English @RELI (formerly the Program in American Language Studies), a university intensive English program that supports non-matriculated students and scholars within the newly established Rutgers English Language Institute. I am also an Assistant Director in the Rutgers Writing Program. I teach throughout RELI, particularly English as Academic Discourse courses and in the Graduate English Language Learners & International Teaching Assistants Program.

In addition, I design academic, research, and professional writing curricula for non-matriculated students, visiting scholars, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty. I previously taught multilingual English Language Learners at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at various community colleges and nonprofit organizations in the New York and Seattle metropolitan areas.

Director, Intensive English @RELI

Rutgers English Language Institute

Graduate Writing

Writing Preparation and Vocabulary

Graduate Academic Integrated Skills II

Graduate Writing Studio

Academic Integrated Skills Across the Disciplines

Expository Writing

American Encounters

English as Academic Discourse II

Ph.D., Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership (Philosophy of Education), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign