Demetri Lallas
Teaching Instructor and Assistant Director, Writing Program

‘From the People, by the People, to the People’: The American Dream(s) Debut.”

Journal of American Culture. 37(2): 162-71. 2014.

On the Condition of Anonymity: Disembodied Disinhibition and Oblique Trolling

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Digital Practices in the Networked World. Editors, Marohang Limbu and Gustav

Verhulsdonck. New York: IGI Global, 2014.

Gothbench.” The Minus Times Collected. Editor, Hunter Kennedy. Chicago:

Featherproof Press, 2012.


American culture; science and anti-intellectualism; digital dialogue; academic integrity

English 100 -- Basic Composition

English 101 -- Expository Writing

English 201 -- Research in the Disciplines ('Communication in the Digital Age'; 'Creativity'; 'Science and Culture'; 'Science and Politics'; and 'Science, Medicine, and Society')

English 502 -- Graduate Writing

PhD in American Literary Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison) -- 2009

MA in Literature (University of Wisconson-Madison) -- 2002

BA in English (University of Iowa) -- 1997