The English for Academic Discourse (EAD) courses are offered by the Rutgers English Language Institute (RELI) - Writing Program to serve matriculated undergraduate students who speak English as an additional language in order to enhance their linguistic competence in Academic English.

The specific EAD writing course you need to take depends on your English Placement Test results as well as your first day writing sample. All students begin with the writing course in which they are placed and continue along until Expository Writing is completed. 

Students successfully completing Intensive EAD (151) continue to EAD II (156). 

Discussion and Presentation Skills (152) is intended as an optional support course for EAD I or EAD II and can be taken only once at the student’s request or the request of an advisor.

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RELI Contacts

RELI Director
Nicole Houser (profile)

Director of EAD
Nela Navarro

Director of Intensive English and Graduate ELL Program
Mark Keitges