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Course Description:
Expository Writing (355:101) is the required writing course for all students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and it is usually completed in the first semester. The course is designed to help students learn to read deeply, think critically, and write effectively about complex texts. Learning these skills will prepare students for the writing they will do at the university and in their professional lives.  

Grading Criteria:

All instructors grade students' papers according to the same standards in Expository Writing. We suggest that students refer to this grading criteria throughout the writing and revision processes. Learn more about grading criteria.

Students may not drop Expository Writing from their course schedules. This is true both during the semester’s initial Add/Drop period and later when students may withdraw from other courses with a ‘W’. Expos is a course that must be taken each semester until it is completed. In rare cases of verifiable emergency, the Director or Executive Director of the Writing Program may grant permission for students to withdraw from the course, but only before the withdrawal deadline. 

If you have experienced an emergency or other extenuating circumstance, please make an appointment with the Office of the Dean of Students – Student Support area. That office can document your emergency and direct you to the appropriate resources in the Writing Program and elsewhere in the University. Please note that contacting the Office of the Dean of Students will not automatically result in permission to drop Expository Writing.