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This page provides links to the course pages for all of the Business & Technical Writing courses that may be offered this semester.

These course pages include course descriptions, grading criteria, and required texts. 

* To get started with an online course in which you are enrolled, please log in to Sakai and look for the tab with your course number or instructor's name.  If you do not see your course, please click on "My Active Sites."  You may need to add your Business and Technical Writing course to your tabbed list of sites by clicking the "Preferences" button on the left side of the screen.  Online students should log in to their course Sakai sites at least once the week before classes officially begin.

355:202 Technical Writing Essentials
355:203 Business Writing Essentials
355:302 Scientific and Technical Writing
355:303 Writing for Business and Professions
355:312 Writing for Biology
355:315 Grant Writing
355:322 Writing for Engineers
355:342 Science Writing
355:352 Writing as a Naturalist
355:355 Writing in the Professions (Law, Medicine, Psychology)
355:365 Technical Editing
355:375 Collaborative Writing Practices
355:397/398 Internship
355:399/400 CESEP Internships
355:402 Advanced Writing Workshop
355:415 Information Design
355:425 Web Authoring

For a list of all Writing Program courses, visit the course section of this website.