Internship Directors: Sara Perryman, Carla Caponegro, and Demetri Lallas

In this three-credit, graded internship, Rutgers Writing Center interns receive intensive hands-on experience and education in the art of teaching and tutoring writing. Students immerse themselves in the world of Writing Center life, a world that situates writing and linguistic justice at the heart of scholarship, relationship, and social change. Working with undergraduate writers in a weekly practicum session, intern tutors develop professional communication skills, patience, and flexibility. In weekly class meetings, interns receive practical tutor training, compose original essays on composition and tutoring theory, collaborate on group presentations, and process internship experiences through formal and informal reflection.

In addition to the challenging, but gratifying, experience of peer tutoring at the collegiate level, this internship is a chance to grow as a writer, student, and professional. Interns will consider new perspectives, hone revision skills, create connections, bolster pedagogical philosophy, and develop professionalism. Our Centers do more than tutor students; we offer workshops, produce a blog, and are committed to shared leadership among all members of our community. As such, tutors are encouraged to participate fully in Writing Center activities, and have the opportunity to create exciting new initiatives in collaboration with their colleagues.

The class meets once a week for 80 minutes. In addition, interns will tutor one unpaid 80-minutes session per week, for ten weeks. These sessions are scheduled according to the interns' availability.

This course can be used to fulfill elective college credit toward graduation. Students majoring or minoring in English may apply internship credits towards the completion of their elective major or minor requirements.

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