URWC Conference Creation & Publicity Internship

Spring 2022
01:355:396:05 Index TBD 
3 credits
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Interns will create the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Writing Conference at Livingston Student Center 

Interns will select papers, organize, publicize, and run the URWC the day of the event. They will work closely with a RU Writing Program faculty member to read and evaluate submitted papers, serve as the final selection committee, and act as respondents/advisors to student-presenters as they develop their work for multimedia presentations.  They will serve as marketing experts, creating press releases for RU news media, designing promotional materials, building a social media presence, and helping to design the multi-page conference on a permanent site at Rutgers. While some tasks will be mandatory, interns will have the ability to customize the experience and work on those projects that are most interesting to them.  The conference is multidisciplinary: papers are drawn from the Humanities, Arts, Science, Business, etc.

URWC 2023 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, 2023in-person at Livingston Student Center. Interns should be prepared to attend the full day at the Livingston Student Center, where they will assist at the registration table, the Poster Fair, and as discussants in the Panel Rooms.


Students must apply for the internship.  They must have received an A or B+ in a research writing course at RU; they must have a GPA of at least 3.0.  They must be willing and able to follow through with independent work and to be responsible to the students they are assigned to help.

Apply here:

Interns should plan on spending as much time in the internship as they would in a regular 3-credit course, somewhere between 5 and 8 hours per week, on average. The workload varies with the stages of conference planning.  Most of the work will be done independently, though we will meet in groups, either in-person or on Zoom, occasionally throughout the semester.

This kind of internship looks great on a resume. It is well-suited for students interested in:

  • editing, publishing, conference planning, event production, web design, graphic design, communication and marketing
  • students planning on attending graduate school in a field where participation in academic conferences is expected
  • students who are interested in planning a large-scale event that serves the Rutgers University community.

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