EAP Director: Michael MendonezThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Description:

Academic Writing in the United States is a 4.5-credit first-year writing course for learners of English as an additional language. Students in this course will discuss and analyze multimodal texts across a variety of disciplines and engage in writing assignments to develop strategies and skills useful within the conventions of academic writing across disciplines in colleges and universities in the United States. They will create a digital project showcasing their development in critical thinking, rhetorical effectiveness, and understanding of academic writing conventions. Students successfully completing EAP II (156) will continue into either College Writing (101) or College Writing Extended (104).

Dropping English for Academic Purposes is not possible without a dean's permission. If a medical or personal emergency is preventing you from attending to your course work, please contact the Dean of Students office for help with documenting your emergency and for support in navigating all of your courses this semester. 


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