Coordinator/Contact:  Agnieszka Goeller,

Course Description:
English for Academic Discourse Fundamentals (356:154), or EAD Fundamentals, serves matriculated undergraduates who are non-native speakers of English. Through discussion, rereading, and short written responses, students become familiar with the points that the authors are making. Initially, they may find that the readings are complex and contain complicated sentence structures and difficult vocabulary, but they will learn how to unpack the points each author is making and contribute their own ideas in the form of 3.5-5 page papers. The course aims to strengthen fluency through the medium of close reading, discussion, writing, and revision.

The EAD Fundamentals course meets three times a week and counts toward the GPA.  It is followed by EAD I and II, which are specifically designed to help students continue in their English language development so that their verbal level more accurately reflects their ability to read, conceptualize, and frame complex arguments in English.  Rutgers recognizes how difficult it is to write fluently in a another language at this level of complexity, and for this reason EAD students are awarded 4 credits (per course) for successfully completing EAD Fundamentals.