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Course Description:
Web Authoring provides instruction in the drafting, development, and online publishing of a multi-page website.  Focused on individual projects and learning by doing, web authoring covers software, code, writing, and user‑friendly design for websites.  Students spend the semester developing an original final project, a website on a topic of their choice.  Our goal is mastering what many consider the most difficult design challenge: to create in‑depth, attractive, and original writing enhanced by savvy graphics.

We start by researching possible site topics and designs while learning XHTML, CSS, and Photoshop.  Students then develop their projects through draft assignments that cover typical genres of web content (e.g., book review, image gallery, feedback questions, and link blurbs) and standard features of a web page (e.g., layout, graphics, and navigation).  As part of the writing and design process, we look critically at a wide range of web and print examples, from the cool formal innovation of early twentieth century magazine layouts to the simple fluid brightness of the latest Web 2.0 interactivity.  Later in the semester we examine methods to animate elements of the website – e.g., Javascript and Flash.

Students who take the course in conjunction with CESEP (formerly known as CASE) develop final project sites to serve the needs of their respective community partners.

No prior technical knowledge is required for this course.

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