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Course Description:

The Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnership (CESEP) Internship is a corequisite for select sections of Business & Technical Writing courses. Students enrolled in these select sections will also be enrolled in a 1-credit internship with the Rutgers Collaborative Center that will comprise 40 hours of service-learning including a mandatory orientation.  

As part of the internship, students will work with the Collaborative Writing Center to identify community non-profit organizations in need of student writers. Students will complete writing products for their partner organizations as part of their regular coursework and assignments.  

Currently the following courses in Business & Technical Writing feature one section a semester that will automatically co-register students for a CESEP internship: Technical Writing Essentials (355:202), Grant Writing (355:315), and Collaborative Writing Practices (355:375). The CESEP Internship is a mandatory co-requisite for students enrolled in these sections, which then function as 4-credit versions of the course with two letter grades, one for the 3-credit course and one for the 1-credit internship.  

The CESEP Internship offers students the opportunity to experience writing in a real-world context and the possibility of using their skills to make a direct positive impact on the world around them. The Internship furthermore nourishes the important connection between the university’s academic life and the surrounding community.  

The CESEP Internship does not satisfy the internship requirement for the Business & Technical Writing minor, which requires a 3-credit internship to be completed under the auspices of the Writing Program.  

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