Coordinator/Contact: William Magrino

Course Description:
Students registered concurrently in most Business and Technical Writing courses (including 302, 303, and 425) may register for a Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnerships (CESEP) opportunity performing writing tasks in a non-profit organization.  This program is formerly known as CASE. 

CESEP students complete 40 hours of service-learning for 1 hour of credit.  Spring 2009 CESEP students are required to attend a mandatory orientation on the second Saturday after the start of classes.

Students should access the listing of CESEP placements on their website to identify and pursue an appropriate work placement.  For more information about CESEP, contact their office at (848) 932-8660.

This course should not be confused with the three-credit internship requirement for the Minor in Business and Technical Writing (see 355:395/396 Internship for more information).