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Course Description:
Technical Editing will introduce you to the basic principles of editing documents for grammar, syntax, organization, style, emphasis, and audience awareness.  The course will focus on the role of the editor in organizational settings; the common methods of copymarking documents using established symbols and conventions; distinguishing between grammatical and stylistic emendations; the principles of contextual editing; basic editorial activities, especially in the context of collaborating on long documents; methods for analyzing, critiquing, and revising manuscripts for different audiences; and techniques for creating successful writer/editor dialogue.

The course will also review the most common writing errors to increase your mastery of grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling.  Besides several major editing assignments, there will be a midterm and final exam.  Frequent quizzes and editing exercises will help to reinforce basic class principles. Because much work will be done in class, attendance is mandatory.  Deadlines for work done outside class will be strictly enforced.

Course Text:
Carolyn D. Rude, Technical Editing

Recommended Texts:
APA, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
College dictionary, thesaurus, and handbook of grammar and usage


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