Coordinator/Contact:  Brendon Votipka

Course Description:

For Transfer Students Only

Rutgers University has challenging standards for reading and writing, beyond the Expos requirement many transfer students have already fulfilled.  Some transfer students come to Rutgers lacking confidence in writing while other transfer students are proficient writers who just need an introduction to research strategies in the Rutgers libraries; whatever your skill level, we recommend  registering for 301: College Writing and Research if you have received WC credit for Expository Writing 101. Don’t miss this chance to set yourself up for academic success at Rutgers!

ENG 01:355:301 College Writing and Research introduces the basics of analysis, drafting, and revision.  The second half of the semester provides a chance to develop an independent inquiry into an area of personal interest. Learn how to effectively research, argue, organize and present your ideas in a class exclusively for transfer students.

301 fulfills Core Writing and Communication Requirements WCd (Disciplines) or WCr (Revision).



 pdfDownload 301 College and Writing Research Fall 2018 Topics 


355: 301:01, 11562, Art and Violence         Morrone, P.           MTH 11:30-12:50pm, FH-B2 (CAC)

How do artists respond to violence? From historical examples in the Bible and Homeric verse to the films and videogames we experience today, students will consider how artists wrestle with humanity’s violent side.


355: 301:06, 11777, Science, Medicine & Society         Morrone, P.       MW 4:30pm-5:50pm, AB-2150 (CAC)

In what ways can science promote healing? Research topics may include hospitals, medical treatments, biomedical engineering, hospice practices, midwives or the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. 


355:301:12, 14014, Love and Sex        Morgart, J.          MW 4:30pm-5:50pm, SC-206(M)/SC-219(W) (CAC) 

What is love? How does sexuality affect our identities and relationships? This class will use evidence from psychology, neuroscience, and popular music to define the complexities of our interpersonal relationships.


355:301:18, 11565, Stress and Mental Health        Musat, R.   MTH 10:20am-11:40am, ARC-324 (Busch)
355:301:40, 11494, Stress and Mental Health        Eaise, J.      TTH 3:55-5:15, HIC-201  (D/C)

Are you stressed out? How does stress affect your writing process? How is stress created and experienced? Using psychological and sociological lenses, students will think about the ways we use and manage stress in everyday life and extreme situations.


355:301:25, 11564, Comedy       Flynn, J.                MTH 12pm-1:20pm, TIL-103C (Liv) 

Why are you laughing? From children’s cartoons to late night political commentary, it seems everyone has a unique sense of humor. What are the psychological and social benefits of laughter, joy, and critical thinking?


355:301:29, 11545, Gender in the Workplace        Beers, K.   TF 10:20am-11:40am, TIL-123 (Liv)

How do your gender, sex, and sexuality affect the way people perceive your abilities? Despite advances made in through the last century, contemporary legal cases, academic studies, and popular testimonials reveal persistent gender inequality. 


355:301:35, 20094, Money        Miccio, S.   MW 5:35pm-6:55pm, HCK-113 (D/C)

Is the benefit worth the cost? Whether you’re interested in investment banking, college debt forgiveness, or balancing your personal checkbook, this class will help you think about money and value in new ways.



Transfer students who have completed the 101 Expository Writing WC requirement can request a special permission number to register for 355:301 College Writing and Research by sending an email with your RUID to Katie Sillitti at


You may also contact Professor Brendon Votipka (Coordinator of 301) at and Dean Robin H. Diamond (Director of the SAS Transfer Center) at