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Karen Armstrong


Karen Armstrong is a prominent scholar of religion and society. A former Roman Catholic nun, she left a British convent to pursue a degree in modern literature at Oxford. Since then she has written more than 20 books around the ideas of what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common. Her wish for a charter of compassion became a global movement one year after winning the TED Prize in 2008. 

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Leslie C. Bell


An award-winning lecturer, Bell has taught courses on women’s development, gender inequality, and sexuality at U.C. Berkeley and the Women’s Therapy Center in Berkeley. She currently supervises graduate students at the Women’s Therapy Center in Berkeley.


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Cathy Davidson


Over the last decade Cathy Davidson has become one of the most impassioned advocates of the electronic media—which, she argues, have the potential to transform our ways of thinking more radically than any invention since the printing press.


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Susan Faludi


The daughter of a Hungarian immigrant who survived the Holocaust, Susan Faludi was raised in Queens and attended Harvard, where she studied literature and American history. After graduating in 1981, Faludi worked for a number of newspapers, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, before devoting her time to writing Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women (1991), a study of the media’s assault on feminism.  

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Barbara Fredrickson


Psychologist Barbara Lee Fredrickson, author of the book Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become has not doubt that love is real, but she has tried to bring scientific rigor to the tangled discourse on the topic. Her recent writing about love might be seen as an extension of her earlier research in the field of positive psychology, a branch of psychology focused on positive emotions as opposed to the disorders studied by previous researchers.

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The Program in American Language Studies (PALS) provides superior English language instruction to non-native English speakers for academic, professional, business, and social/acculturation purposes.





Rutgers University’s Writing Program Institute supports middle school and high school teachers and administrators through on-site professional development, outreach programs, and on campus workshops..


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