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Coordinator:  Michael Goeller

Students are registered for English 096: The Writing Center when they sign up for tutoring at one of the Writing Centers. This course is offered free of charge.

Part-time students are an exception to these rules: they are not registered for 096 unless they are willing to pay for the credits. In this case, part-time students should inform the staff of the Writing Center that they wish to be registered for English 096.

Summer Session students are another exception to these rules: because Summer Session charges for every credit, students are not registered for 096 if they attend the summer Writing Center.

English 096: The Writing Center earns 1.5 E credits per semester. E, or "empty" credits, appear on the student's transcript and count toward full-time status, but do not count toward the credits needed for graduation. The course is graded on a pass/fail basis according to attendance; students who meet the minimum attendance requirement of the Writing Centers will pass. There is no fixed limit to the number of times a student may be registered for this course; students may be registered for 096 every semester they attend tutoring at the Writing Centers.

Please visit Writing Centers for more information about tutoring.

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